(Step 1 of 6) Property Tax Payment Online  

Washington County accepts debit/credit cards and E-check/ACH transactions online. Convenience fee applies (see below). Washington County retains no portion of the convenience fee charged by the service provider.
  1. Credit/Debit Card Payments: 2.45% (minimum $1.50) Convenience Fee Applies
    • Payment is non-refundable
    • Only same day transactions may be voided or canceled during business hours
  2. E-check/ACH Payments: $0.95 Convenience Fee Applies
    • Payment is non-refundable
    • Only same day transactions may be voided or canceled during business hours

Online Payment Steps
The steps below describe the process for paying your property tax online.

Step 1: Read and understand this page. If you do not meet the technical requirements for using this site, go to the Tax Payment Options page to learn about other methods of payment.
Step 2: Account Search - Look up your account number to obtain the balance and verify the ownership information as it should appear on the account.
Step 3: Account Verification - When you submit the search, it will verify name and account balance. (Accounts in foreclosure cannot pay online. Please contact 503.846.8801 for other payment options.)
Step 4: Payment Information Entry - Full or partial payments accepted. Please note, balances take 48 hours to update.
Step 5: Payment Confirmation - Please ensure your bank routing & account number are entered correctly. If an entry error occurs, loss of discount and interest may apply.
Step 6: Receipt - This is a record of the transaction. If paying by E-Check/ACH please allow 7-10 business days to process. If unsure a payment was successful, please contact 503.846.8801 before making a second attempt.

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Look for the Lock
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